Here for the photos, stay for the memories

Your small town Oregon Wedding Photographer! (When I say small town I mean it,  am a dollar general girly for life.) I have been photographing weddings and couples for 4 years. I honestly don't think there is a day that goes by that I am no so grateful that I found a career in photography. Getting to meet the most amazing couples and witnessing the love they have for each other but also being able to see the way families come together to shower them with love. 

I have witnessed weddings with 200 guests at the most lavish venues, weddings with 30 people in their backyard, all the way to weddings with no one but them and the mountains. One thing I have found in common with all of these is there is no shortage of love and laughter. I know, I know the whole "Live, Laugh, Love" is so cliche but I will admit it I'm a "Love" girly. I love the word love, I love getting to witness love, I love love. 

Im Riley!

Hi There 

Riley was truly a godsend. She was there for us through everything this past year and every step of the way always had our backs! Through the uncertainty of cancelling to changing venues she was always so amazing. When we received our photos it was like re-living our wedding day, we are happy that we chose Riley for our wedding photographer!

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